Our Philosophy

As educators at Willsden Childhood Services Centre we believe our philosophy for both the kindergarten program and Occasional care is as follows-


  • We will provide a safe, secure and nurturing environment which will allow children to learn in a positive manner.
  • We will promote positive learning through play
  • We will allow children to be creative, use their initiative and to be independent in their learning.
  • We will involve the children in the programming/curriculum which will extend on their interests and knowledge. The will have valuable input and will have the opportunity to take considered risks.


  • We welcome all families, friends and extended families into our centre
  • we will be open with communication through verbal and non-verbal methods
  • We will nurture the family and the whole child.
  • We will collaborate with families for future planning and learning.
  • We will communicate and plan for children’s needs and interests.


  • We will create a learning environment through play
  • We will provide a safe and secure learning environment that meets the National Quality Standards.
  • We will work together as a team to create a positive learning environment
  • We will provide the opportunity for staff to attend professional development which will enhance the learning program for children
  • We will work closely with the Port Augusta/Quorn partnership to ensure the strategic directions are met.


  • We will invite and engage agencies within the community to share/engage/teach
  • We will encourage children to develop a sense of social responsibility not only in the centre but the wide community
  • We will respect different cultures within our centre and community and be sensitive to their needs and beliefs.

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